Jillian D'hont


Jillian possesses an innate and infectious love of life and all that it has to offer, coupled with experiences garnered from extensive travel & education which comes across in everything she does. The Yoga classes she provides reflect every part of this, friendly, supportive, and based in a sound knowledge of her craft.

If you are looking to improve your emotional and physical health, and just want something to make you feel good, I can tell you from experience and as someone who has spent years in the Physical Fitness industry, Yoga with Jillian is it.

Rob P.

Defiance Fitness, Australia

I recently had an Emotion Code session with Jillian and she was great to work with! Very kind, compassionate and understanding as we discussed what I wanted to work on. She found emotions related to a lingering health issue and released them from my body. It sounds weird but as she was working on me I could feel my body changing.

She also worked on my daughter and released some trapped emotions in her relating to a car accident she was in. I had no idea she had trapped emotions relating to this so I am glad Jillian was able to release them.

Jillian also worked on my dog. I was surprised at the number of trapped emotions he had, even from when he was a puppy. The work Jillian has done on all of us will surely benefit us for years. I highly recommend working with Jillian and giving emotion code a try!

Vanessa P.


I first met Jillian when she came to one of my classes as a student. From our first meeting we connected and there was an instant rapport between us. 

Jillian was an enthusiastic, focused and committed student and over time I was able to witness Jillian move from student to teacher, which was a journey I felt very honoured to witness.

During her transition to teaching we often had the opportunity to work together teaching  the Beginners courses with Jillian assisting and adjusting the students as they were introduced the practice of Yoga.

Jillian has a beautiful calm about her that transcends throughout the room and this immediately helps students to feel relaxed and settled. This attribute is something special and is very comforting to new students when they come to a class for the first time, as it helps them feel relaxed and also gives them confidence in their teacher.

If you have chosen Jillian as your teacher, you are already on a journey that will change your life. Finding a teacher who will support, guide and nurture you on your Yoga discovery is not only rewarding but so important to your own personal development and you have most certainly found a wonderful mentor in this young woman who I feel blessed to call my friend.

Enjoy the journey!

Catherina D.

Yoga Instructor, Australia

I had a session with Jillian and it was amazing! She helped release trapped emotions around a few issues that I had and she released an inherited trapped emotion. Since my session, I feel so much lighter and I feel more in touch with my emotions. I didn’t realize how numb I was until after my session with her. She was great! I am recommending her to my friends and family and will be setting up future sessions!

Roxanne R.


Making the decision to bring Jillian on staff at my studio was a very easy choice based on her incredibly warm personality along with her genuine and sincere intentions to help clients. Jillian’s skillset on such a variety of classes be it hot or room temp, including hatha, vinyasa, yin, beginners made her invaluable to the diversity of our client base that comes from such a wide range of skill sets and experience levels. With safety as her primary focus throughout her classes, Jillian always had the best reviews and garnered the most success from members as they were always raving about their progression and confidence that she instilled in them about their yoga journey.

She was integral to the pre-teen and teen classes as well; she provided the ability to connect easily with that age and educate them on the benefits of including yoga as part of a well-rounded fit lifestyle.

Whether you are beginning yoga or very experienced, your practice will be in well-educated, caring and kind hands.

Rhonda N.

Studio Owner, Canada

My Emotion Code session with Jillian was absolutely amazing. I felt the benefits of our session within the first week. Jillian was very in tune with my feelings and it really felt that she was just getting me. She is truly gifted and she is probably the best listener I have ever met. I am looking forward to my next session with Jillian.

Amanda B.


I had the most amazing Emotion Code session with Jillian. I was experiencing pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders. Jillian was very thorough, kind and compassionate. I was so grateful for her empathic nature and can tell that she is passionate about her work. After a few hours, the pain diminished significantly and I had more range of motion. Jillian was spot on with helping me release some trapped emotions. I appreciated that she explained the process to me as I am new to Emotion Code.

Bergen M.


I came to Jillian with no motivation and low energy. A day after my session I started my exercising routine back up and found the motivational continue some house projects and work towards my goals. I feel great! Jillian provides clear instructions and told me everything I need to know. She’s a gem to work with!

Jamie K.


On a trigger day in my journey of being sober, Jillian worked on me and I found out there was a hurt 7 year old in there. I have spent some time reflecting on that 7 year old and that has helped me in my journey that I would never have known about without her work. I made it through that night without drinking and now I am 25 days sober instead of starting over.

Cathy A.


I volunteered my 9 year old cat Monarch for an emotion code session with Jillian. Monarch is afraid of everyone and everything except my teenage daughter, and our preparations to move have not been conducive to her relaxation in any way, shape or form.

I have noticed since Jillian did what she needed to, to remove Monarch’s heart wall, that despite the chaos in the house, Monarch has been a little more relaxed. She will walk into my office like she owns it, instead of darting in like she hopes I won’t see her, or she will inspect the progress of the days repairs instead of hiding under the bed. While she still has a way to go, and may not ever be a lap cat, she has definitely become a little more social.  

Thank you Jillian for helping my cat to connect a little better with her world.

Katherine S.


I recently had a Reiki and Emotion Code session done for me by Jillian. This is the first time I had had either of these and she was extremely patient with me and took the time to talk me through the process. After my sessions I felt much lighter and more I tune with my emotions. She is warm and made me feel like I had a safe space to share anything that came up during my Emotion Code experience. She’s also taken the time to check back on my heart wall a couple of times since my session. All in all it was a lovely and enlightening experience.

Lara U.


Things have been an emotional roller coaster for me. The good news is that I have found it so much easier to cry and feel all the feels since working with Jillian. This has been very healing as I move through this challenging transition. I feel hopeful and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much Jillian for sharing your gifts with us all!

Venetia N.


Jillian is a very kind, gifted and caring practitioner. She is very quick to reply and is happy to answer any questions you may have. She takes the time to listen and it’s clear she wants to help her clients feel better.

Sandra J.